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29. January 2024

Variety in a glass: shots

A small glass and an alcoholic drink – that’s all you need for a shot. Shots, also known as shooters or shots, have become an integral part of the bar world and are extremely popular.

Served in classic 2cl or 4cl glasses, shots offer a versatile journey through the world of spirits. Whether liqueur, tequila, sambuca, vodka or sophisticated mixed drinks – the creations are almost endless and offer something for everyone.

We are happy to present you with a hand-picked selection of shots with special flavours. From fruity and fresh to intensely flavoured – we have something for every palate.

  • The honey-golden sweetness: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey – sweet and golden
    A blend of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey and honey liqueur – the flavour of Jack Daniel’s meets the natural smoothness and sweetness of honey. Jack Daniel’s has created this blend for lovers of Jack Daniel’s whiskey who want to discover new flavours.

    The liqueur is drunk neat as a shot.
  • The orange blue: Bols Blue – orange flavour in blue
    Even if the colour is blue, the taste is orange! The orange-based liqueur has long since become a classic among liqueurs and an important component of many cocktails.
    If you combine it with lemon juice, you get a well-known shot – the washing machine. The sweetness of Bols Blue meets the acidity of lemon.

    Recipe: Pour 2cl Bols Blue and 2cl lemon juice into two separate shot glasses, take both shots and mix in the mouth.
  • Bols Sour Apple
    The name says it all. Bols Sour Apple tastes crisp and flavoursome like fresh green apples and balances sweet and sour.

    It is best drunk neat and ice cold as a shot.
  • The minty freshness: Brancamenta – with the freshness of mint
    Brancamenta is a liqueur with an unmistakable mint flavour. It consists of herbs from four continents and essential oil from the world’s best peppermint – although the exact recipe remains a secret from the producers. Its flavour is natural and particularly refreshing thanks to the mint.

    Brancamenta is drunk neat as a shot.
  • The hot Spaniard: Licor 43 – in the hot or creamy version
    Licor 43 (pronounced cuarenta y tres) is the best-known liqueur from Spain. Fruits, herbs and spices from the Mediterranean region give it its flavour – aromatic lemon with a hint of vanilla and caramel. The liqueur can be drunk neat or used as part of a shot.

    Mini Beer: 2cl Licor 43 with 1cl full cream as a topping makes a creamy shot.
    Hot Shot: 1cl espresso and 1cl Licor 43 make a hot shot.
  • The pure creamy one: Disaronno Velvet – cream liqueur pure or on ice
    The Italian liqueur Disaronno is one of the most popular liqueurs in the world. With Disaronno Velvet, the producers have developed a new flavour. The creamy liqueur is velvety and contains notes of almond and vanilla.

    Disaronno Velvet is drunk neat or on ice as a shot. This is the best way to emphasise the velvety and intense notes. The cream liqueur also goes wonderfully with coffee.
  • The vegan fruity one: XUXU – vegan and uniquely fruity
    The pulp of sun-ripened, fresh strawberries mixed with a shot of crystal-clear vodka – the recipe for XUXU is as simple as it is convincing. Thanks to the very high fruit content, XUXU is fruity like no other and naturally vegan. It is suitable as an ingredient in cocktails and shakes and can be used in baking and desserts.

    Or: ice cold and pure as a XUXU shot.
  • Underberg
    Two things are unmistakable about Underberg: its uniquely soothing effect and the typical 44% alcohol content portion bottle wrapped in straw paper.

    Underberg is drunk neat, straight from the portion bottle.

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