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Our mission statement

The key principles we keep top of mind every day when working with our partners and internally.

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Enjoyment of life, well-being and the commitment to moderate enjoyment connect us with our customers and suppliers. Sustainable value creation and the needs of customers and partners are at the forefront. We cultivate and sell performance concepts around spirits, sparkling wines and wine.

Our greatest efforts are devoted to quality. We practice a comprehensive, recognised quality assurance system. We act in an environmentally conscious manner.

1. Relations

Partnership-based relationships with our customers and suppliers are what shore up our success.

2. Quality

Our entrepreneurial initiatives and product procurement are guided by the highest-quality standards and a management system we constantly evaluate and refine.

3. Employees

We acknowledge employees as our key resource and act accordingly. We promote personal and professional development alongside targeted training and further education.

4. Openess and honesty

We deal with each other openly, respectfully and honestly. We communicate openly, can handle criticism and conflict and handle problems factually rather than personally.

5. Leadership

We set the standard with our target agreements and the way we control and correct. By delegating responsibility, we promote the personal responsibility of all employees.

6. Knowledge

Our business depends on getting accurate and in-depth product and market insights. We gather knowledge and leverage it to bring our customers forward.

7. Enjoyment

We undertake to enjoy our products in moderation and handle them with a sensible and enjoyable approach.