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Underberg Espresso Herbtini

1. July 2024

Underberg Espresso Herbtini: Herbal liqueur with espresso

For the first time in 177 years, Underberg is launching a new product bearing the Underberg name: Underberg Espresso Herbtini combines the flavours of espresso and herbs and is now also available in Switzerland. 

The Underberg Espresso Herbtini was inspired by a bartender in Berlin who combined the flavours of the classic Espresso Martini with Underberg’s herbal bitters.

The result is a ready-mixed cocktail with Underberg, espresso, vodka and a hint of vanilla. It first appeared as a limited edition in Germany, but due to the great demand it is now a permanent part of the range – and also available in Switzerland.

In the tradition of the Underberg Purity Commandment

Espresso and herbs make up the flavour of Underberg Espresso Herbtini: Organic espresso made from 100 per cent Arabica beans and carefully selected and gently extracted herbs from 43 countries.

The bitter notes of the herbs and espresso beans complement each other perfectly and are rounded off with a hint of natural vanilla. No colourings or flavourings are added – Underberg Espresso Herbtini is kosher, vegan and gluten-free. It follows the Underberg Purity Commandment, but the recipe is enhanced with the sugar typical of liqueurs. It is served in the familiar 20ml portion bottle with the original green Underberg capsule.

SEMPER IDEM – the Underberg family business

Herbert Underberg and his wife Catharina Albrecht founded the company «H. Underberg-Albrecht» in Germany on their wedding day in 1946.

The company founder developed the secret «Semper Idem» process – the particularly gentle extraction of herbal essences – which is still used today. The herbal bitters mature for several months in Slovenian oak barrels and are sold exclusively in 20ml portion bottles.

Today, Underberg is managed by the sixth generation and distributes other internationally recognised spirits brands as Semper idem AG.

Underberg Espresso Herbtini
ABV: 27%
Size: 2cl
Article no.: 18400 | Unit: 1 | GTIN Unit: 40342009 | Carton Unit: 12 | GTIN Carton: 40341187

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Link to Underberg Espresso Herbtini product master data including pack shots on Xyxle

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