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Via Serta is the name of the road in Ticino where the wines of the eponymous project by Dettling & Marmot, Kaufmann Wine & Drinks and the Tamborini Vini winery are produced. Contemporary, modern and authentic drops that are deeply rooted in the winemaking tradition of southern Switzerland. Pampelmu.se and its sister variant Pampelro.se are refreshing wine-based drinks with grapefruit flavours. White wine, fresh Swiss water, a pinch of sugar from the grapes and natural white and pink grapefruit flavours. Refreshing and subtle in taste with few calories and little alcohol – a delight!

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A deep orange shimmering Negroni, a summery fresh Mojito, a classic Gin and Tonic or perhaps a Sprizz with sparkling Prosecco and grapefruit? Many of our first-class products can be enjoyed as cocktails or long drinks. Let our recipes inspire you.

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