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31. May 2024

Two new products from Ramón Bilbao

Early Harvest – enjoyment in balance. The new, exciting wine style – lively, light and refreshing.

Discover a new style of wine that is lively, light and refreshing. Produced through an early harvest process, these limited editions offer wines with lower alcohol content (11%Vol.), increased acidity and a sense of freshness. Perfect for off-meal moments, such as aperitifs or celebrations, they offer a premium experience for those seeking lighter, cooler wines.

Welcome a new era of wine with our limited edition Early Harvest wines. Designed to fulfil the demand for lighter wines, these vibrant creations offer a refreshing experience for wine lovers.

The two Early Harvest wines are the result of a meticulous process that begins with the selection of grapes at the optimum stage of early ripeness. This careful selection ensures that each bottle embodies the perfect balance of flavour and freshness, setting it apart from traditional wines.

What characterises these early harvest wines is their lower alcohol content, which is achieved by harvesting the grapes earlier in the season. Not only does this result in a lighter, more approachable wine, but it also boosts its acidity, adding a crisp and refreshing flavour to every sip.

Whilst not classified as low alcohol wines, our early harvest wines offer a welcome alternative for those looking for a more moderate drinking experience. With a focus on premium quality and craftsmanship, these wines are ideal for enjoying at informal gatherings, celebrations or even as a refreshing afternoon treat.

The Early Harvest wines are a limited edition. Due to the timing required for the early harvest process, the possibilities for producing this style of wine are limited.

ramon bilbao early harvest verdejo 1500x1200 1

Early Harvest Verdejo

Low alcohol content, medium-high acidity, fresh and lively. Subtle and delicate, with flavours of intense green fruits, vegetal and floral notes such as orange blossom.

  • Grape varieties: Verdejo
  • 11% vol.
  • Origin: Rioja Alta, Spain

Early Harvest Rosado

Pale pink in colour. Fluid, refreshing, with a pronounced citrus flavour and a light and delicate body.

  • Grape varieties: White Tempranillo & Garnacha
  • 11% vol.
  • Origin: Rioja Alta, Spain
ramon bilbao early harvest rosado 1500x1200 1

The new Early Harvest wines are now available:

Ramón Bilbao Edicion Limitada Early Harvest Rosado RiojaDOCa
Article no.: 18411.23 | GTIN: 8413423210123

Ramón Bilbao Edicion Limitada Early Harvest Verdejo Rueda DO
Article no.: 18410.23 | GTIN: 8413423210130

Orders can be placed by e-mail to bestellung@dettling-marmot.ch or by telephone on +41 44 787 45 45. Our team looks forward to hearing from you.

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