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Cherry and Fruit Brandies

Over 140 years of tradition, love of cherries and craftsmanship go into Dettling’s fine cherry brandies. Franz-Xaver Dettling, founder of the Dettling house in Brunnen, recognised as early as 1867 that the black cherries of central Switzerland could produce highly aromatic brandy when gently distilled. The comprehensive Dettling Kirsch range is complemented by a fruity Vieille Prune from the well-known French producer Védrenne.

Our Cherry and Fruit Brandies Brands

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A deep orange shimmering Negroni, a summery fresh Mojito, a classic Gin and Tonic or perhaps a Sprizz with sparkling Prosecco and grapefruit? Many of our first-class products can be enjoyed as cocktails or long drinks. Let our recipes inspire you.

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