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The latest masterpiece from the traditional Carpano house is its namesake Carpano Botanic Bitter. A classic red aperitif liqueur, it is produced traditionally, but in a nod to modern trends, contains less sugar and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Perfect for the special Negroni, it also includes Prosecco as a spritz. With tonic or orange juice, it makes for wonderful pre-dinner long drinks. A real classic is the aperitif «Punt E Mes», which consists of one part vermouth and half a part of bitter.

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A deep orange shimmering Negroni, a summery fresh Mojito, a classic Gin and Tonic or perhaps a Sprizz with sparkling Prosecco and grapefruit? Many of our first-class products can be enjoyed as cocktails or long drinks. Let our recipes inspire you.

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