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Ramón Bilbao: 100 Jahre Neugier und Exzellenz

30. May 2024

Ramón Bilbao: 100 years of curiosity and excellence

Celebrate with us the 100th anniversary of Ramón Bilbao, a winery steeped in tradition that has changed the world of wine with its pioneering spirit and dedication.

Ramón Bilbao is celebrating its centenary with an eye to the future and a determination to continue setting international standards. The Rioja winery, which also has a presence in Rueda, has distinguished itself by producing wines with a distinctive and modern style based on fruit, as well as wines from high-altitude vineyards, aged rosés and indigenous grape varieties. Ramón Bilbao has also highlighted the terroirs of Rioja Oriental for the exclusive Bodega Lalomba single-vineyard project.

The constant search for new challenges has led Ramón Bilbao to a firm commitment to the wine world and has helped to spread the uniqueness of Spanish wines worldwide through initiatives such as the Spanish Wine Academy or the Spanish Wine Master competition.

In these 100 years of curiosity and excellence, Ramón Bilbao has always worked with respect and care for the land and the ecosystem, for example by adapting to climate change through precision viticulture.

Leadership through curiosity

Founded in Haro (La Rioja) in 1924, the winery has always been characterised by the open mind and curiosity of its founder. It has distinguished itself by producing wines that awaken a passion for discovery and enjoyment, exploring the uniqueness of the landscape in a deeper way. ‘For us, it is crucial to produce wines with greater purity and a distinct local character, aiming for maximum fruit expression as a fundamental part of our DNA. We have always looked at wine with curiosity, always striving to go beyond and innovate out of knowledge and respect,’ says Rodolfo Bastida, technical director and oenologist at Bodegas Ramón Bilbao.

Under this philosophy, Ramón Bilbao has positioned itself as the favourite Rioja brand and the most trusted choice of Spanish consumers, supported by continuous growth in recent years. A project that has promoted a new style of wine, reinterpreting the Rioja tradition and introducing a fresher and fruitier wine. Innovative production processes have been implemented to promote sustainable agriculture and revitalise areas such as Rioja Oriental. The recovery of indigenous grape varieties and the creation of vibrant Verdejos in Rueda are other notable examples. In addition, the winery has emphasised the importance of terroir through the Lalomba project, the exclusive series of single-vineyard wines.

About Ramón Bilbao

Since its foundation in Haro (La Rioja) in 1924 and its presence in the Rioja and Rueda wine regions, Ramón Bilbao has traversed a century of landscapes and vineyards, contributing new ideas and important milestones in the history of Spanish wine. Driven by insatiable curiosity and excellence, the winery cherishes the vision of a bold and unconventional project that will continue to explore, innovate and open new paths even after 100 years of history.

As a promoter of Spanish wine worldwide through initiatives such as the Spanish Wine Academy educational platform or the Spanish Wine Master competition, Ramón Bilbao looks to the future with an open, innovative and, above all, curious spirit to excel in a unique journey of excellence and discovery through wine.

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