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Falstaff Award Gewinner 2022

1. November 2022

Prize-winning spirits in the Dettling & Marmot portfolio

Products in the Dettling & Marmot portfolio have won a total of 24 awards in the annual Falstaff Spirits Special Awards. The jury awarded top marks to the products submitted, rating them from very good to classic.

Hendrick’s Gin, Koskenkorva Vodka, Highland Park, The Balvenie and Monkey Shoulder impressed the jury, earning these brands first place in their respective category with between 94 and 97 points.
The expert jury rewarded the Carpano Vermouth Range and Carpano Botanic Bitter and the Koskenkorva liqueurs Ginger and Minttu with a special award.
Hendrick’s Gin, which is famous for its Cabinet of Curiosities, won first place with Hendrick’s Orbium and third place with Hendrick’s Neptunia in the category Gin with key botanicals.
All the results are available here.

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