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Glenfiddich Grand Series

11. December 2023

Glenfiddich Grand Series

«Grand» can be translated not only as «great», but also as «magnificent», «splendid» and «noble». And these are precisely the words that aptly describe the Grand Series from Glenfiddich.

The Grand Series is a range of outstanding aged single malts. They are characterised by more than 20 years of maturation and extremely innovative cask finishes. The award-winning whiskies combine flavours from all over the world and impress with their nuanced taste profiles.

Every single bottle of the Grand Series represents exclusivity, passion and craftsmanship and thus bears the unmistakable signature of Glenfiddich.

Gran Reserva: Finished in Caribbean rum casks

The Gran Reserva is a 21-year-old single malt, which is fine-tuned in Caribbean rum casks. It is characterised by a soft, yet lively and spicy taste.

Grand Cru: Refinement in French cuvée oak barrels

The Grand Cru first matures for 23 years in American and European oak barrels and is then refined in French cuvée oak barrels. The nose reveals apple blossom and lemons, while the flavour is characterised by vanilla oak, pear sorbet and white grapes.

Grand Couronne: second maturation in French cognac barrels

The 26-year-old Grand Couronne is matured for up to two years in special French cognac barrels. It is reminiscent of French patisserie on the nose and impresses with its velvety smooth taste and deep golden colour.

Grand Yozakura: refined in Japanese awamori casks

The Grand Yozakura is a 29-year-old whisky that is refined in rare Japanese awamori casks. It is characterised by ripe fruit, a hint of cinnamon and pronounced herbal notes on the nose as well as a complex flavour profile of toasted oak, spices, lemon juice and green apple.

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Glenfiddich whisky – the «best whisky in the valley»

The story of Glenfiddich begins with a dream: Scotsman William Grant wanted to produce the best whisky in the glen (valley). Together with his family, he founded the «Glenfiddich» distillery in 1886 and worked to realise this dream.

Today, Glenfiddich is one of Scotland’s most famous whisky producers. The distillery’s single malts have won several awards and are appreciated worldwide. Glenfiddich is still family-owned and part of William Grant & Sons, Ltd.

The Malt Master at Glenfiddich has been Brian Kinsman for over a decade. He is responsible for ensuring that the high quality of Glenfiddich whisky is maintained and at the same time endeavours to constantly develop the brand further. Under his direction, numerous innovative whiskies have been created, including the Grand Series. Kinsman spent eight years as an apprentice to his predecessor, the famous David Stewart, and has now been working at William Grant & Sons for almost 30 years.

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