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Florio Marsala

17. October 2022

Florio Marsala: A Sicilian tradition comes to Switzerland

Dettling & Marmot includes Cantine Florio in its catalogue. The legendary Sicilian Marsala wine is a new addition to the family.

Florio Marsala wines are a world unto their own. The Cantine Florio, established by Vincenzo Florio in 1833, carries on the tradition of Marsala, a liqueur wine named after the Sicilian port city.
The winery is known above all for its fortified Marsala wines. Like port wines and sherries, these are blended with pure alcohol and are produced by only a few wineries. Stored for decades in the tranquillity of the old wine cellars in the city of Marsala, an oxidation process produces the opulent aromas and refined flavours that are the hallmarks of Marsala.
Florio’s Marsala wines are an important part of Sicily’s historical heritage: these outstanding wines will bring you back in time, thanks to the special Riserve that only Florio with its 200-year history can boast of.
For more information on Florio and Marsala here.

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