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Jack Daniel's Bonded

17. November 2022

Bottled-in-bond: The original from the USA

Jack Daniel’s has two new gems for fans and collectors alike. With the motto “The Bottled-in-Bond Act set the bar. We’ve raised it.”, we can expect Tennessee Whiskey at its very best.

Jack Daniel’s Bonded and Triple Mash has to be produced under strict conditions: in order to be labelled “bottled-in-bond”, the spirits must be the product of a one distillery, made in one distillation season and be distilled by one distiller. Afterwards, the whiskey has to be matured for at least four years in a government-bonded warehouse and must be bottled with an alcohol content of 50%. The distillery and the bottling location of the whiskey – if that differs from the distillery location – must be named on the label, as only spirits produced in the USA can be described as “bonded”.
Jack Daniel’s Bonded Tennessee Whiskey is matured in select barrels, giving it a particular intensity. Whiskey lovers will enjoy notes of caramel, rich oak and spice, giving way to a pleasantly lingering finish.
Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash Tennessee Whiskey is a blend of Bonded American Malt, Rye and Tennessee Whiskeys. It delivers notes of honey, malt and soft oak, leaving a long-lasting finish.
For more information on Jack Daniel’s and Bonded Whiskeys click here.

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