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The fin

18. September 2023

New edition of «The Finest Wine Selection»

Our new wine brochure «The Finest Wine Selection» is here. In this new edition, we proudly present our extensive portfolio of high-quality wines and sparkling wines and introduce you to our renowned wineries.

The world of wine offers a fascinating journey through different flavours and traditions. Our brochure is your exclusive guide to exquisite wines from the world’s most renowned wine regions. We have carefully selected each winery and vintage to ensure that our selection meets the highest standards of quality.

We invite you to explore our wine brochure, where you will not only find a wide range of wines, but also interesting insights into the world of viticulture and winemaking. Whether you are already an experienced wine connoisseur or a curious wine lover, you are sure to find the perfect drop for any occasion.

Don’t miss the opportunity to discover the variety and quality of our wines. You can browse the brochure right here:

«The Finest Wine Selection» flip catalogue

Printed copies can be ordered from us free of charge with article number 13764.23 (German) and 14628.23 (French).

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