21-10-2020 - New: Tianna Negre Wines and Levi Grappa

Wine from Mallorca and Grappa from Piemont

Tianna Negre: the small vineyards in the Binissalem region on the holiday island of Mallorca were inherited by the mother of the current operators from relatives when she was a little girl. Since 2007, the family has continued the mother's legacy, respecting the unique terroir, maintaining the tradition of winemaking and preserving the local, autochthonous grape varieties.

Levi: Romano Levi was the last distiller in the world to distil directly over an open flame. The fresh marc for grappa production has always been supplied by renowned local winemakers, including the Piedmontese legend Angelo Gaja. Romano Levi, who died in 2008, designed and drew the labels of his grappas himself.

Tianna Negre Wines

Romano Levi Grappa

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